Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Update...We have News!

Aunt Tina, Uncle Kevin and Sophia sent Emma a beautiful flower arrangement and a BIG basket of snacks and treats!  It definitely cheered Emma up! :) 

Emma had another rough night, made a bit worse by having a baby for a roommate. The parents were loud and fighting  and the poor baby was crying so it was hard for Emma to stay asleep. Her pain also jumped in intensity so they finally have given her morphine for pain and it has cut her pain in half! HALLELUJAH!!!! Freak...10 days of constant pain just sucks! I am so glad she feels a bit better today.  When I came in today she was napping which was great to see! 

Julie, my littlest (4) came with me today and they have had her painting canvases and doing activities. She also has access to Emma's TV screen and can be on the computer and watching TV.  The sisters are glad to be with each other again!
 Julie even has a bed set up next to Emma.
The hospital is great! If this goes for more time they also offer a tutor for math and other subjects to come and assist Emma with school.

****Just got the results of her MRI that was taken yesterday. Not a full report yet but the call came from the radiologist to her Dr and they said she has "some spot" in the area of her kidney that they need to see more clearly and her opposite hip has a dark shadow on it and they are also looking into that. They will do an ultrasound today hopefully now that they have an exact location and can see if it is fluid filled or more tumor like. From there they will either treat a cyst/abscess or biopsy a tumor. 

As her Mom, this has been super hard for me to watch my daughter be in constant pain and not have something help to relieve it or be able to relieve it myself!

So now we wait again but at least they know there really is an issue and are working on taking care of it.  I will update when we know more.

Our Favorite Sister Pat came today with lunch and had a nice visit with Emma.  It is wonderful the support we have received from the Relief Society Sisters at church and the meals that have been provided to our family at home while I am here with Emma.

Much Love!!


Chrissy said...

Although seeing these spots has to be pretty scary, I am glad that it sounds like you may have some answers to the mystery pains real soon!

Hang in there .. both Mama and Emma have a lot of love being sent your way!!

PS. Love the pics .. what a GREAT hospital!!

Lisa Helton said...


So sorry you have to go through this terrifying, unknown experience.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and Emma and your entire family.

Lisa Helton

Roya said...

I'm glad at least they sort of found out the cause of the problem but i hope it is nothing serious to be worry about. We are thinking about you guys just be strong i know it is not fun to have no idea what is wrong with your baby. It is not fun to be in the hospital eighter. Good luck lots of hugs to Emma and tell her we are thinking about her XOXOXO

Nikki said...

Look at those balloons!!! Is she just trying to get attention (I joke). Your family continues to be in our prayers. I am soo happy to hear that they have found something. Scary as it is, at least they have something to work towards and solve.

Chrysta said...

Thanks for keeping us posted....nice reminder to not take a pain-free day for granted. We send hugs, kisses and lots of prayers your way. xoxoxo