Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon

The team of Doctors have come in and talked to us about the ultrasound findings.  There is nothing significant that they can see.  They have called a OB-GYN to consult on her case just in case they missed something and also will be ordering an MRI shortly.  We have talked to the consulting Dr and she just assessed her, asked a ton of questions and left.  The MRI may take some time to get as we have to wait for the machine to be free and urgent cases take precedence over Emma's case.  The MRI will show the most information and hopefully from there they will be able to tell what the cause of her pain is.   In the meantime, Emma has a new roommate.  She is a little girl about 10 months old.  Hopefully she is a good sleeper so Emma can get some sleep.  Shen(Emma) is getting ready for her afternoon nap now.  More updates later tonight.

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