Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Update

Today was the first day Justin could come and visit due to his cold.  I was so happy to have him here to ask the hard questions and get some answers.  He was pleased with the responses they gave, with their knowledge of her case and with their plan to go ahead for right now.  Today we met again with Emma's Doctors and have more information.  The report back from the Ultrasound combined with the MRI plus having a kidney specialist look her scans over they still are unsure.  They have said the "spot of interest" is more of an inflammation they think but it is still not clear what is there.  They want to do another ultrasound tomorrow as it will hopefully give a more clear picture of what this is.  They want there to be a day between tests to see if they will see a marked change with her medication and condition.    If they still see something but not clearly they will then do a CT scan of the kidney to see if they can see a more outlined spot.  They are also going to do another blood test in the morning to compare her numbers to yesterday's blood test numbers.  Depending on their final findings we would have many options for us but for now we are on wait and see.

Emma is in good spirits, very tired and having some bladder issues.  The Morphine they have her on seems to be helping her pain and it is now given to her on a regimented basis.  Her pain is still at a 6 with the medication but she is able to get in some naps during the day.  

Emma had a busy and tiring night yesterday.  She had many visitors and has been glad to see other people besides her Mom, the doctors and nurses.  Emma had Jake, Mackenzie, Gabby and her Mom all come visit and cheer her up.  She got caught up on all the high school happenings with everyone.  Then she had the girls from church come to visit and they brought her goodies and cuddlies and a pillowcase that they had all signed. After the party calmed down and they left, our Bishop came for a visit and also gave her a blessing of comfort. She settled down soon after and did sleep a little last night.  She has a few symptoms returning but they are not concerned about it as they expect some symptoms with the inflammation.

Emma and I are just going to make today a cuddle day and have been snuggling in her bed.  I am hoping for her to get some sleep today during the day.  But for now we are in here to stay until this is figured out.

I will update you more tomorrow!


Janette Paull said...

Ah. A cuddle day. You are such a sweet mommy.

Anonymous said...

dOur prayers are with your family,It is hard for moms to see our love ones in pain. Take courage my lovely.