Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally some answers!

Julie and I came to be with Emma today.  She had another blood test and ultrasound on her kidney.  We didn't see the doctors until later on today.  Her IV needed to be replaced as the port was not going into her vein and it was no good anymore.  So she is now IV'd on the other hand.  :( Yuck!  More pokes! 

Today we had surprise visitors~ My sister Heidi and her husband Tom came to visit for the afternoon.  It was good to see family from Michigan!  <3 They brought goodies from Tina's bakery (of course!)  YUM!!  and Lots of Hugs and Loves!  Emma now has Valentines window stickers on her windows which brighten up her room!  It almost feels like a bedroom if she didn't have so much medical equipment in here!  Julie had a great day showing Uncle Tom and Aunt Heidi around the floor of this wing.  She had them in the playroom and made everyone "fake" Food to eat!  So cute!  

This afternoon, 2 of the doctors came in and said that the "area of infection" they were noting on her kidney yesterday is now walled off and a cyst. They did not give a size. They said treatment will be IV antibiotics for the full 14 days and managing pain here in the hospital.  They will do a follow up ultrasound at the end of next week.  Once they release her,which is sometime next week, they said we need to come daily for her antibiotics.  They are also checking if they need to do a dye test to see if she has reflux in her Urinary Tract that would make her more susceptible to this again, as I asked if they could recur now that she has had an infection in her kidney.  She will also need to do a follow up ultrasound to check for scar tissue down the road a few months after her cyst is gone.  She is still having pain and with the morphine it is still a 6 or 7.  They are hoping that the treatment with antibiotics will shrink the cyst and she will start to get some pain relief.  She will continue to have pain until the cyst shrinks.  I will be emailing a friend of ours who is a radiologist again to let him know she had a new scan and get his opinion on it. It is always good to get a second opinion.  

We had Paula and Todd come tonight and bring a LARGE variety of movies to go with the ones they brought yesterday along with the DVD player.  Daysen helped pick some out too!  She will have no worries with boredom as there are some great titles here!  

So that is the news from here. Tonight,  I am going to have a movie night here with Emma tonight and a snuggle then head home and come back again in the morning!

We are so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and concern for Emma and our family!  We have amazing friends all around us!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad is a cyst even though is serious is not a tumour. So many prayers God had to hear otherwise He will never hear the end of all of London members. Take courage my lovely.