Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday...Day 13

Not a whole lot of news to report today.  Emma had a rough night and didn't sleep much.  She has now been given a higher dose of morphine and is getting it regularly however it has not taken the pain away. Her pain is still quite severe.  The nurse just came in and is going to have Emma reassessed for pain and hopefully they can find a dose that works to give her the relief she needs and still limits her side effects.  The doctors who came in today and have said that they want her in the hospital until at least Wednesday on IV antibiotics and then have another ultrasound done to ensure the treatment is working to shrink the cyst.  If it is not working then the doctors will look at surgical options to either remove it or drain it.  We are hopeful that the medication will do it's job and she can return home middle of next week.  She will still have to have a Visiting Nurse come to the house once a day for IV meds and will have to miss more school until she is completely better.  Luckily the school is compiling her homework and she will be able to work on it and not miss too much!

Today we are expecting some visitors and that is awesome!  Emma loves the company! :)

I am amazed at the technology these days and grateful that we are able to have this blog to keep our family and friends updated on Emma and her recovery! :) It also will make a great memory book of this time in her life for when she is older!

We will update with pics of her day later!

Visitors today were Bishop Hill, his wife Cassandra, Mike and Shannon Bridge, Alex, Amanda Dejanovic and their kids, Tate, Max, and Quinne.  Emma loved having all of them here today!


Lisa said...

Glad to hear you've got some answers! We hope Emma gets some pain relief soon..

Shaunie said...

Poor girl and poor Mama..Justin needs to send you both to the spa when this ordeal is over.

Janette Paull said...

Yes. Technology is great. Thanks for the daily updates!