Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Julie!

Julie Ann Salt was born July 6, 2007. She was my only labor that came off on it's own!
I was in labor most of the day off and on. My mom was here to help with the kids. Justin had taken the day off work but was thinking of going in for the evening because my contractions were steady but nothing really big! So my mother said I should go jumping on the trampoline, which I had avoided before but thought "Well if it is labor then it will kick in and if not it will stop!" Well needless to say I ended up calling my midwife who came and said..."You are ready to have this baby now...we should go to the hospital NOW!" Five hours later I was holding our sweet Julie in my arms! I was able to have an epidural (which never worked with the other 2) and really participate in her birth! I watched her being born in the mirror. What an amazing experience! She was this purple bundle of chub! Although when she stretched out she wasn't so chubby! She weighed 8 lbs 15 oz...My heaviest! The midwife said if she hadn't pooped right after birth she would have been over 9 lbs! She was 21 1/2 inches long.

Julie looked so similar to Emma as a baby! She was and still is very good! She slept tons! Although she had a problem gaining weight a few weeks after she was born. She still is a peanut! I nursed her for 6 months at which time her doctor told me that we needed to put her on formula. She was not putting on weight! A little sad but after a few days she got the hang of the bottle thing!

She took her first trip on an airplane when she was 2 months old! I took her to Las Vegas to see my sister Tina for her 30th Birthday! It was so much fun to suprise her! She knew Mom and My sister Julie were coming but not Little Julie and I. We hid in the bathroom of her bakery and Kevin, Tina's husband, sent her in there to "clean up the mess" and she found us instead!!! Very Fun!

Julie HATED her carseat for the first 6 months! Going anywhere required listening to her cry and scream for minutes or hours depending on how long the trip was! I would break the trip up into segments so I could take her out and feed her, comfort her and it wasn't until she took a pacifier at 6 months that she started to settle down in the car. Now I get worried if she is crying. She seems to enjoy the car trips much more!

When she was I accidentally shut her foot in the van door at the Doctors office and broke a small bone in her foot! Yikes! I felt so bad, but luckily Julie barely noticed and now is standing and crawling on it just fine! One of those monemts!!!

Julie is now 10 months old. She is very stubborn! No teeth, barely any hair and the biggest brown eyes! She still reminds me of a smaller version of Emma! It is so fun that my girls look like Anderson girls! For those of you who don't know my side of the family...We Anderson girls have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes (well besides Heidi - but her 3 girls looked like Anderson girls too!) and a distinctive look!

Julie is crawling everywhere and walking holding on to furniture! She is talking up a storm ~ mama, dada, baba, hum hum (FOOD), we think she says "kitty" and "hi". She waves hi and bye at the right times, even when it is bedtime we read "Goodnight Moon" and she waves "night-night" to all her things!

Julie loves her big sister! They are two peas in a pod! When Julie has the option to go to me or Emma she chooses Emma every time!!! Emma was thrilled to have a baby sister! Julie also loves Ethan, someone more her size! If I put her on the floor with him they hug, pat each other, play toys, laugh is so fun to watch!

Julie is our last baby in our family. I am still coming to terms with that but trying to recognize the wonderful kids I do have and appreciate the time I have with them! They will grow up soon enough!

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