Friday, May 23, 2008

Catch up time again!

Well I thought I would take a few minutes to catch up while I can. We have been super busy with landscaping our yard. Justin has moved the shed and rebuilt it on a new foundation. This required tons of work! He disassembled it and moved the composters. As he lifted the one up a HUGE RAT ran out of it! YUCK!!! He said it had been living under the shed and in the composter. I am glad we redid everything! Hopefully he finds a different home far, far, far away! The joys of living in the country! Yesterday I helped Justin rebuild the the wind! Don't try this at home! I used two hands and one foot balancing to keep it steady in the wind as he put parts together! It is finally up and everything back in it with a new pad laid for the garbages and compost and 2 more cedars planted!

Justin also took down part of our deck where the hot tub had been. He laid sod and moved the patio set around. Then he attacked the front yard with a new raised flower bed in the front. I was able to plant our 4 new urn planters. Hopefully they will fill in nicely. I also planted 2 tomato plants in pots with lettuce around and an herb pot. I just love fresh tomatoes in the summer. It remind me of growing up, picking fresh produce straight from the garden!

Emma has been "hanging out" with friends. She is also running track again.. She does the long jump, high jump, 400 m and 1500 m. She placed well in most of those. She needs more practice than they give for high jump! She is looking forward to turning 12 and going into Young Womens in church! She has grown like a weed!

Ethan is as active and energetic as ever! He has been Dad's great helper in the yard, finding worms, pulling weeds, moving dirt, etc. He also has been continuing the quest to be potty trained. One Day at a time! He loves to "read" books and play with his sisters!

Julie is also growing fast! Hard to believe she will be a year soon! She finally has reached the 18 lb mark! YEA! She has had 2 bottom teeth come in and is starting to eat more real food. She loves when I feed her from my plate! She is also saying Mom and Dad more. Has a sound for Ethan "brother", Says Em for Emma, ba for bottle, eeh for pacifier and loves to screech for fun! We all are enjoying her comedy acts!

I am super busy as usual with household thing and trying to get into the gym and preparing the house and family for my return to work in July. This weekend I am taking the kids to Michigan for Memorial Day weekend. We will be back late on Monday and are looking forward to spending time with my family!

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Honeybee said...

Oh...I am so sad that I will not be in Michigan to see you guys. It enjoyed reading all of the posts on your children. It makes me miss them lots. I feel like I hardly know Ethan and Julie. It is always fun to hear that they are doing well and learning lots and growing big. I love you lots! Hope that you have a good time in Michigan. SMILE :)