Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Ethan!

Ethan Christopher Salt was my baby who wasn't sure when he wanted to enter the world. I was in so often for "False Labor" ha ha...and maybe a C-section and then an induction. I tell ya the boy didn't want to move. I should have realized then that he would be my stubborn one!
I went in for an induction on the 12th February 11 am. I had him at 4:18 am!(I think...Kinda fuzzy on that detail)on February 13th! It was a scary birth for both myself, Justin and Ethan. My placenta abrupted and they monitored to make sure he would be ok to deliver. Luckily he came out safe and sound...A very long 23 1/2 inches and 8 lbs 11 oz. When they got him on the warming table he gave Justin such a kick! I kept telling Justin he was a hard kicker! His BIG sister picked his name. It was either Ethan or Fischer. Ethan it was! He was a bit of a cranky baby in the beginning...Maybe it was that he needed to eat more! He was also gassy!

Our Ethan was always active from the start! Never liked to be wrapped up, always feet out of the blanket! He was a super tall baby, nothing with feet fit him unless we went a size larger than he was! Once he got the hang of nursing he Grew and Grew! We introduced food at about 5 months...couldn't wait 6 months because he was already grabbing at my food!

We worried a bit about his head when he was younger. One side of his cheek and ear seemed to be forward a bit more that the other side. We had him into a specialist and had a CAT scan done...scary to have your little one put under...But the Doctor said he would be fine and it was not a skull deformation and it wouldn't affect him as his brain grew! We were so grateful!

He also has major allergies. His tear ducts never opened. His eyes were always swollen and red! They were worse when he was at the farm in the hay! I think he has inherited allergies from me and Justin! Poor Guy! They have settled down a bit and don't seem to bother him much...though he still gets itchy and runny nose during the season!

Ethan is clever, smart, curious, thoughtful, full of life, loving and so much more! He is always asking questions!..."Mommy, Can I tell you a question?" I say yes and then he usually says..."I have anything I need". Ethan also has a great sense of humor! Always doing or saying something to make us all laugh!

He is a stubborn boy as well. This will come in handy later when he is trying to make good choices, hopefully he will be a great leader! Always trying to convince us why his way of thinking is the right way! A great Debater.

Ethan loves being outdoors! He loves playing outside on the trampoline, in the sandbox or even exploring his world! He loves to go for walks and find "TREASURES"!

Ethan is a boy who really LOVES his Dad and tries anything his Dad does! He loves shooting his box and arrows. I bought him a little plastic one when we moved in September and he was shooting my fridge and doors and windows with suction cups! Then he moved on to shooting outside at Dad's practice deer affectionately named by Ethan as "Bobby the Deer". He was shooting real field points from Emma's little bow set. Just recently he recieved a new bow...a real bow from Dad with real arrows. They practice shooting Bobby the Deer in the backyard often. Justin has thought of taking him out this season or next to just sit in a blind to watch the deer. Good Father/Son bonding! Ethan also Loves fishing and asks to go all the time! Justin took him ice fishing once this winter and he is "HOOKED" on it! He caught bigger fish than his Dad! I sense some competition when he is older!

Ethan likes to be the handyman around the house! Whenever Justin is fixing something Ethan gets out his tools that Uncle Luke and Aunt Michelle gave to him and goes about screwing things in or hammering things along side his Dad! It is so fun to watch his face light up whenever he sees Dad!

Ethan has a deep love for his Family! When you ask him to spell his name he says "E-T-H-A-N, Ethan loves his family! He is the first one to run to Julie when he hears her cry, to greet Emma at the door when she gets home from school, to give Mom loves (hugs) when she looks sad, and the first to run into Dad's arms when he gets home from the Fire Hall! He is a peacemaker in our home. He can't stand the least bit of contention. Even when a regular discussion is taking place between Justin and I, he runs in and says "Dad (Mom)(Emma) be nice to Mom (Dad)(Emma). We need to love each other and talk nicely and then we can not talk mad and can be happy!" All in one breath! What an amazing spirit!

We do so LOVE our Ethan and look forward to seeing him grow up to be a Great Young Man, Missionary, Man and Leader!

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