Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where did the time go????

Wow! A week has just flown by. I have been in Michigan helping out my Mom and spending time with family. I spend last Sunday with Julie and Paul and kids. They are all doing well and keeping busy. They have gone away now until Tuesday, Mom and I are with their kids. I went to Ikea for the first time with Julie, Paul and My sister-in-law Janette. It is a massive place! I went to get toy storage for the kids toys. You could end up with a whole house if you are not careful. We were supposed to go out for lunch but the time got away from us. Thank you to Janette and Julie for their help and opinions on colors for the kids bins and for the opinions on their bedding! (By the way-- Both look great in our house! Now we just needs you two to come and visit us to see your handywork!!!)

I have spent a lot of time with Mom. I am worried about her. She has been having Diaphragm problems. They have taken X-rays, CT scans, Stress tests and a Breath test to find out why she is having trouble breathing and what parts of her body it is affecting. I hope they can tell her soon! She has an appointment to see her doctor on April 1st. The X-ray showed that her diaphragm is larger on one end and her lungs are pushing on it. The doctors think that it might be paralysed either by disease, injury or by nerves being pinched. Hopefully it will work itself out or they can fix it! She is so tired and never stopps going! Our very own family Energizer Bunny. I have done a bit of shopping while here, helped Mom out and decided to stay instead of going back only to turn around in a few days to get Emma back.

Today we are going to Heidi's for Dinner. We are running a bit behind because I thought the van was leaking oil. We needed to get the oil changed but didn't yet and I had parked it in the driveway (not knowing Heidi had parked her car there last night). When I got home from Church I parked it in a different place and noticed a puddle of oil on the driveway! I called Adam who told me what to look for and be careful of, it is so nice to have someone in the family who knows cars and engines! THANK YOU SO MUCH ADAM!!! I then drove around O-ville looking for the oil that is the right one for the van. When we reached Heidi to tell her we were going to be late she said "that was from MY car". OH. So off we go now to her house, she made turkey! YUM!! Then to Mom's to pack up the cars and go spend the last 2 days at Julie's.


Lisa M. said...

Thank you for the warm comments you left on my blog. I appreciate it.

I hope your Mum can find what is ailing her. Diaphragm can be so hard to diagnose and can cause so many issues.

I also recently- have had my first IKEA experience. Goodness. What a place.

I found a few things to put on my *wish* list, and managed to stay with in my budget. AMAZINGLY enough! I bought some beautiful little lamps, that provide my room with some soft light, that I have been looking for, for yonks.

This was a fun post.

I too, often find time-- slipping by, with out any explanation of where it is going.

It's find of a phantom that way.

Lisa said...

I love Ikea too... I go sometimes when we visit my parents in Burlington. A very dangerous place, to be sure! Although I got Tim a feather duvet and duvet cover for a very good price there.
Glad you had a good visit, I hope your Mom feels better soon. Maybe she will have to learn to SLOW DOWN!!
Let's try again to plan a visit....

Adrienne said...

I hope your mom is feeling better, I know how 'worrisome' it can be when your parents get sick...I am excited you had the opportunity to go to that you have been initiated we need to set a time to go xoxo I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful lesson you gave on Sunday, sorry I had to leave part way through...I needed to check on a sister who looked sad! You always brighten my day xoxox see you on Wed at brunch bunch xoxoxoxo