Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter is HERE!

Well Easter is here...a time to reflect on the Savior and his role in how I live my life. I taught a lesson today on recognizing God's hand in our life and I hope it went well. I really just wanted the women to know that God does love each of us and constantly blesses us, even during the times in life that it seems like he isn't there! My life is evidence of that! I have been truly blessed and well taken care of. I have a good life with a wonderful man and great kids, a roof over my head and a vehicle to drive, material things that help to make my life easier, Good friends...the list could go on and on. I was pondering all of this and realized I am so truly happy in life now...knock on wood!...Years ago I couldn't have pictured my life to be like this. I am not saying that life is perfect...hahaha...far from it! But I am starting to recognize and count the blessings I do have. What an amazing thing!

The kids had a good day. The easter bunny didn't visit this fault and miscommunication between Dad and Mom...Luckily Ethan still is not sure what a holiday is except that Grama Salt has more treats on those days! Thanks Grama! A good but long day!

I also received three gifts today...I won't say from who...they know who they are...I got flowers, a candy sucker bouquet of flowers (yum) and chocolate easter treats for the kids. THANK YOU for making me feel loved!

We also stopped by the Bunnages today. Richard had some BIG animal tracks in his back yard and wanted a second opinion on them from Hunter Justin. I think the guys had a nice stroll in the woods. The kids and I came into the house and visited with Kelly, Cheryl, Bob and Liz. It was nice to catch up on life and chat! Ethan was welcomed in and made himself right at home with the kids...playing whereever they were. Julie has an admirer, Lucas Condron, who just htinks she is so cute! Every time we see him he says to me "I think your baby is cute" What a sweet boy! OK...Bob likes Julie too...They have made fast friends! Thank you to the girls for making me feel welcome in their home. Especially in the middle of Easter Dinner Prep!

We did eventually end up at Grama and Grandpa Salt's for Easter Dinner...Thank you Pauline for being patient and holding dinner for us...sorry we were so late! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with turkey and all the fixings! Even Pumpkin pie!!! Julie loved the sweet potatoes! Lively discussion as always...A good evening overall!

Now it is late and I am off to get a few hours of sleep! Hopefully the kids will all sleep through the night! I am so glad that tomorrow is another holiday ~ NO SCHOOL!

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Adrienne said...

Happy Easter...a little late? I wanted you to know what a fantastic teacher you are....I'm not just saying it to be really are amazing and I feel blessed to have you teach in our R.S class....Your family, the Bunnage family and the Condrons are such a wonderful addition to our ward family....I am glad our Father is aware of us enough to send such wonderful friends into our lives! xoxox