Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Computer Craziness!

Well Justin's computer crashed today! What a mess! We had to figure a way to get his files to my computer without burning it onto a disk because his disk drive wasn't working. Luckily we are networked and could transfer most of it! The computer guys are not sure when he will get it back so until then he is using my computer. It just means I have to do my stuff when he is out or after he is done doing business! I love Computers and I hate them too! Well hopefully I can find a few minutes to update this blog here and there!

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Lisa said...

Hello you! I found your blog too! Isn't technology fun???
Happy Birthday to Ethan, what a big boy he is! I can't believe he can write his name already!
Natalie is not trained yet either, so don't despair :)