Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ethan's Birthday Week!

Wow! It is hard to believe that Ethan is 3! This week has flown by so fast. We were busy with business the first part of the week. On Wednesday I had some of the girls over for Brunch Bunch and then got ready for Family Party! He has been looking forward to his birthday for weeks now. Every day he was asking how many more sleeps! Finally it was 1 more sleep and then the day came and he was sooo excited! He wants to have a "playdate" with his friends soon! He has grown up so much! He now can write his name, recognizes the alphabet letters, can write a few of them , counts to 20+ in English and to 10 in Spanish and German. He loves to paint, color, draw on his "Doodle-doodle" (magnadoodle) and is trying to use the potty! Not much success yet but trying sometimes! He usually says "but I don't have to go". He loves to play in the snow, though it has been too cold to be out for long lately. We are counting down to spring! He is so helpful to Mom and loves his baby sister "Baby Julie" and likes to go in her room while she naps and say "time to get up Baby Julie"!By that time Julie is awake and then he says "look Mom Baby Julie is Awake, Good Morning Baby Julie"! He is loving games lately...his favorite being Dominoes, matching game, barnyard Bingo, ladybug game, fishing game and Beginners Boggle. He loves Playdoh and we are using that as incentive to use the potty and to stay in his chair at meals. If he does each of those he gets a sticker and 3 stickers gets the Playdoh out! It has been working so far. He is so disappointed when he misses out on getting a sticker!

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