Friday, February 22, 2008

Alberta Bound!

Well tonight I put Justin on a plane with his parents. He is going to Alberta for his brother Luke's Wedding to Michelle. I am glad that he can go and be with all of his siblings! I wish I was with him but someone has to hold down the fort with the little ones! It was a hectic day trying to get all of the last minute things done and trying to find the right luggage...I think we need new suitcases! I am now trying to keep up everything on my own. We shall see how it goes...I might need a break when he gets back! This will be the longest we have been apart since we've been married! Trying to sleep last night was frustrating...he was going to call when he got in but didn't and I tried to pretend he was at work. I just have a really hard time sleeping when he is away.

Justin is going to be snowboarding with the BOYS tomorrow and then on to Michelle's baptism and then saturday wedding. Wedding and reception are in Banff and on Sunday they are in Kicking Horse to do more boarding and snowmobiling until Wednesday! Should be fun...Boarding during the day and hot tubbing at night...They have a hot tub right outside their condo! I will post pictures when he gets back...IF he gets back! Now on to the kids and preparing the house for the next week and I am teaching this Sunday too! Whew! I will be glad for the week to start!

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