Monday, February 25, 2008

WHEW!! What a Weekend!

I thought that with Justin gone I might get a few things done on my famous "To Do~But Haven't Done" List! No such luck, I have however been super busy! On Saturday I took food over to the Bunnage's. New friends who were in a horrific accident, Kelly and 3 of her kids. The two boys were injured the worst but will make a full recovery after some surgeries and TONS of rehab! We are praying for them and wish them speedy recovery! After that I drove more carefully to do the other running around we had to do. Emma needed new jeans and shorts for her trip to Vegas and so we did a bit of shopping and oh yes a few groceries too! After that it was 5 pm before we got home. So much for the house cleaning that needed to get done! Threw dinner in the oven, picked up the house a bit, bathed and put Ethan in Bed and then Jules was next. When I finally had peace in the house it was time to turn my attention to the lesson I needed to prepare for Relief Society! It was on Repentance. Or so I thought...I ended up teaching the wrong lesson...oh well! I think it still went off OK. Before I knew it, it was 1:30 am! Yikes! To bed so I could get a few hours before starting over again!

Sunday was a bit hectic. I realized that I had no brownie mix and had to bring brownies to the Ward Conference Luncheon after church. I did have baking cocoa so the brownies were done. Emma tried to help where she could. Ethan as usual was his energetic self and had no interest in letting Emma help him with his clothes on! Somehow we managed to get everyone ready, in the car and to church on time, with a few seconds to spare! The talks by Richard Bunnage and David Sandor were superb and went well with my lesson!
Cheryl was my lifesaver and offered to take Julie while I taught the lesson! Justin is still out of town and I really do miss him! Cheryl though was able to get Julie to nap and I finished the lesson! She's MY CHAMP! After Church, Elisa invited us over for dinner. How amazing! I am truly blessed to have such great friends who know when I need a little help!
Ethan was so excited to go to Reagan's house! He just loves that little girl! They had their usual fun and games and Emma got to watch Ratatouille???hopefully I spelled that right! Elisa and Russell are great neighbors and friends! It was nice to have a break, let the kids play and get some adult chat time in too! We came home, the little ones went to bed, I thought I would stay up for a little bit but by 8:45 pm I was asleep on the couch! Good thing Emma was up with me and woke me up or I might have slept there all night! Justin called at 12:30 am. Still not used to the time change! We chatted for a few minutes and then I went back to sleep! It seems like he is having the time of his life!
He went Snowmobiling and snowboarding at the top of the mountain in BC with Adam and Ryan! What an adventure! I hope he took some pictures! He has too much fun and usually forgets! They were extra careful because of the avalanche risk being all the way at the top of the mountain! He said they had to really go fast up the mountain or you would chance the snowmobile sliding backwards and then flipping over! The only way off the mountain at the top was by helicopter. I am glad he was safe! He also said the wedding turned out well. I will get more details when they all get back.

Well, today is a new week and I still have a few days to get things back to normal before Justin comes home. Wish me luck!


Honeybee said...

I am glad that I found your blog. You can do it, you are super mom. It runs in the family. Cool that Luke got married. You should come on vacation to visit me. I miss you lots. Hope that you have a wonderful day! My new favorite saying is keep it simple and ROCK THE DAY! Love you lots:)

Honeybee said...

P.S.- This is Mellissa by the way:)

Honeybee said...

AND I kind of feel like that picture of baby Julie looks a little bit like me when i was little. I have this picture with Opus and my hair looks like Julie's and my eyes are big. Have you ever seen that one?

Adrienne said...

You did a fantastic job on that lesson...I think it was inspired that you 'chose' the 'wrong' lesson
....remember when you teach I can always take your sweet little Julie... thats our 'deal' for having such a great teacher! - I can't wait to hear the lesson tomorrow, I won't forget the klenex xoxoxo love you girl