Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year, A New Dawn 2012

Many things have happened over the past 10 months since I last wrote.  My favorite person in the world left my life, my Mom passed away September 9, 2011 of Brain Cancer.  She fought a long 18 month courageous battle and in the end her voice was taken from her.  She left a long legacy of service and love. We miss you EVERYDAY Mom!  I also went through some painful moments, after I lost my Mom, almost losing my marriage.  The death of my mother just accentuated the deep issues Justin and I were having and it was a very rocky last few months of the year.  Maybe one day I will write about it but for now it is too private and painful to talk about.  The year ended with me being laid-off at work and having no job to go to from there.  It made for a difficult Christmas but together as a family we got through.  This new year of 2012 is a New Dawn for myself personally.  I have so much to learn, so much to do, so much to say!  I am hoping you can follow me through the journey I will be undertaking...for now I will say it is Back to the Basics for me...ALL THE WAY BACK...Starting with a NEW BLOG TEMPLATE...cleaner, easier to follow...More to come soon!!!


Cassandra said...

Aimee, you are such an amazing person and a wonderful example to me! I hope that 2012 will be a great year for you! It must be so hard to carry on without your Mom, but she is clearly loved by all who knew her. Thinking of you!

Canamerican said...

Thanks Cassandra! You are amazing too! You are such a great example of a great Mom and wonderful woman. Thanks for your kind words!