Monday, January 23, 2012

Challenge #2 ~ De-Clutter!

Post image for De-Clutter 2012 Challenge Thought I would share what I have been doing this month.  Feel free to join me in a challenge from another blogger...check her site out...SO COOL!  I signed up today! Along with the changes I am making personally, I am de-cluttering my house...yes...again...I have felt like I have WAY TOO MUCH!  Too many toys, too many books, too many clothes{My drawers are bursting again}, too many unnecessary things taking up space and room in my life and mind!  GET IT OUT!  As my sisters and I like to joke, when we de-clutter anything we are being "WITHOUT RUTH".  Now this may seem like a strange saying but we want to be "RUTH-LESS" in our actions and just let things go...So hence, without Ruth! Hope this inspires some of you to do the same.  And what better time to do that...It's cold, maybe snowy, dark early, kids still in school.  Plenty of time to do it.  And if you are a working Mom, like I was, then start small.  One little closet, one drawer, whatever you can tackle in, say, 15 minutes.  Baby steps = Great Progress!  Good Luck and I will check in to let you know how many things I have given away, sold, and thrown out!

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