Monday, June 16, 2008

Emma Birthday Party and Father's Day!

This week has been very busy! We have been getting ready to be invaded by numerous numbers of preteen girls and maybe a few boys too! Emma recently turned 12 and she wanted a "Retro Party Games - come dressed like your favorite celebrity" party! She invited 13 people and Justin was working that day! AAHHH! The party day came and 9 girls showed up plus Emma, Ethan and Julie~ No Boys though, which was ok by me! It was a total hoot! I felt like a kid again! The girls were great! Even Ethan and Julie got in on the fun! All of Emma's friends are great girls and they all get along so well with each other! We played Pass the orange game, Bingo, Blind Portrait Drawing, Toilet Paper Mummy Race game, Pin the Nose on Julie game(I couldn't draw a donkey!) and the Chocolate Game but with a Pop Tart since it was so warm. We had a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake and tons of food. Food included: Doritos, tortilla chips, a veggie tray, grapes, apple slices, rolled up taquitos and mini pizzas! All the food was eaten! Growing girls~Who knew they can eat so much! We also played guess what animal I am. They sang to the music and did funky dances...lots of silly fun! I am so glad that Emma has good friends in the neighborhood. I was picturing them in Grade 8 together and in high school together! Hopefully they will all stay good friends! Then I got ready for another big day...Father's Day!

Father's Day was very nice. Justin came home off duty that morning. I made a breakfast of French Toast with cinnamon and Bacon with Orange Juice and fruit. We went to church then came home and I fed the restless natives. Justin and Julie went for a snooze and Ethan and Emma played quietly. I took over the kitchen and made Pork Tenderloin Skewers on the BBQ in a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, fresh rosemary(From my garden pot) and pepper. Also Wild Rice, Asparagus with lemon, Vadalia Onions with sweet onion baste and Key Lime Pie. Dinner was a success! My In-laws came over too and afterwards we chatted, played with kids and Justin, Pauline and the kids went for a walk while Brian slept on teh trampoline and I chatted with my family in Michigan. Then after everyone left I just sat down to watch a bit of American News when my sweet neighbor and friend Elisa came to the door to see if I could "play". We sometimes go for walks at night while she walks the dog. We get the chance to leave the house, have adult conversation and chat about kids and life. We went out and no sooner had turned the corner when it rained on us...No Notice! We turned around to go back but kept walking since we were already wet and the rain had abruptly stopped! We had a great walk n talk. What a blessing to have neighbors and friend so close!

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Honeybee said...

oh, I can't believe that she is getting so old. I remember when she was born. I feel so old. Your Father's day dinner sound divine. I am sure that Justin really appreciated that. I sure love you! I hope that I will be able to see you soon. When you come to Vegas next time I will have to make a trip down to see you.