Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day at the Park

We went to the main park in London this week, Springbank Park and went to the "major attraction" there called StoryBook Gardens. It has been around forever and within the past few years they have renovated it while keeping the Nursery Rhyme Theme. The kids had a blast and we had a good time too! We were wishing though that Emma was with us...We had gone on a school day.
Ethan was ready for action, chasing peacocks and hollering at me to "Take a picture of that, Mom" "Oooh, Take a picture of that". Most of the time it was a peacock or a bug on the ground! We saw all the animals there and then went on the climbers and slides. Julie liked the geese and kept pointing and saying "Dat" "Dat" (Translation = That, that) with every cool thing she saw! After getting hot and sweaty on the climbers we cooled off at the splash pad that they have there. Ethan ran and splashed and squealed in delight!
Even Dad got in on the action and went up a climber or two. I went down the tube slide with Ethan at first but then was informed (By Ethan Himself) that he was a big boy and would do it himself! We were in time for a puppet show and feeding of the Otters! The seals were fun to watch too! The "baby" seal was bigger than Ethan! What a fun day!

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Honeybee said...

Julie is so cute! And Ethan is a regular growing boy. He is a handsome one! I am glad to see that Julie now is able to put her tongue in her mouth. It was fun to see her with it always out, but now she is growing up. I miss you guys lots!