Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ultrasound done...and results are in

So we have heard results from the ultrasound.  Her abscess a week ago was about 2 cm, not quite round.  As of this afternoon it is about 1.4 cm.  So down but slowly. This is because it has walled off and formed a barrier that makes it more difficult for the antibiotics to work effectively. We have had Nephrology (Kidney's) in and they will be consulting with Urology (who do the surgery) and discuss putting in a drain into her kidney to get the infection out.  If they schedule a surgery it may have to wait until Tuesday as it is an upcoming holiday weekend.  Then it will be 2-3 days for the drain to empty the abscess and then they will rescan to make sure it is gone and has filled in with Kidney tissue.  From there they will have her on antibiotics to ensure the infection is gone.  Also Infectious Diseases will be consulted tomorrow on making sure she gets the proper antibiotics and pain medication for her infection.  This route will most likely mean she will be in the hospital for another week but with progress in the right direction.

So all in all we are finally moving in a good direction and consulting with departments that can make things happen faster for Emma.  :)

I will update tomorrow after we meet with everyone!

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Chrissy said...

Yeah! Good to hear some progress .. I'm sure it's frustrating to know the same four walls will be home for Emma for a bit longer but a step in the right direction! Cherish the special time/bond you developed with your oldest baby through this ordeal!!