Monday, February 6, 2012

Emma's First and Hopefully Only Hospital Stay!

We have now been a week into Emma being sick.  It started as a UTI and kidney infection.  The infection seems to have almost  cleared up but she continues to have lower left back pain.  They have done ultrasounds, X-rays, blood and urine tests and still no clear reason for her discomfort.  As her Mom, I just want them to find whatever is causing her pain and have them fix it and we go home.  Today it looks like she may be here for at least a few days.  Emma has had an ultrasound today and they are looking it over right now.  She has a team of 3 doctors, 3 medical students, a senior resident and lovely nurses working on her case.  They are determined to figure this out.  They have been so wonderful here at Children's Hospital in London.  They have been accommodating and so kind to Emma.  Emma spent her first night here and of course she didn't sleep that much.  A product of the nurses checking her every few hours.  :) We should hopefully have some sort of plan as to where we go from here all depending on what they find.  She is in more pain today than the past few days. The doctors said they want to figure out the source of her pain but it may take until the end of the week to do that.  In the meantime, Emma is in good spirits and has had a few visitors...Bishop Hill cam with Jamie and brought flowers, Tori, Victoria, Braeden, Jenna and Jared ~They all came last night.  Our dear friends the Puddicombes came this morning and brought a boredom basket filled with treats, games, journals, books and fun extras.  What a nice surprise!  :) So all in all we are doing well just patiently waiting. I will update later! We appreciate all the love, kind words and support we have received this week!

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Cassandra said...

We are thinking of your family and hope Emma can feel better soon!!