Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June...Half a Year Gone Already!

June was full of FUN, FISHING and last minute FRENZY right before school was out!

At the beginning of the month Justin took Ethan fishing to the cabins on the Kipawa River! (Our FAVORITE Place in the world!) The Salt boys decided to start a wonderful tradition of a boys fishing trip with as many of the "SALT" boy cousins, uncles, Dads, sons, etc as they could get to go! What an exciting adventure for them. Ethan truly enjoyed the fishing, though due to the low water not the best fishing, but as long as my boy has a rod in the water he is in heaven! Uncle Adam and Luke came this year and they all stayed in the Big Cabin on the river. It was a fun 4 days of "boy" time!

School came to a close at the end of the month and we had a whirlwind of ending Kindergarten, Grade 8 Graduation and girls camp while Justin prepared for his annual "BIG BOYS" trip backcountry camping!

Ethan has enjoyed this past year in Kindergarten and made many new friends! He had 2 wonderful teachers, Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Pellarin. Mrs Rhodes had a baby at the beginning of the year and in June cam to visit Mrs Pellarin's class to share her new baby boy with her class!

Emma had many exciting adventures getting ready to leave Public School. She traveled to Toronto and did all the sightseeing tours involved with that. She also had a weekend excursion to Camp Bimini where the Grade 8's had a last hurrah! And at the end of School we had Graduation! Whew! We managed to get a beautiful dress, had hair and make-up done, and had a wonderful graduation ceremony with lots of laughs! Emma won the Music Award for outstanding Musical abilities! WOO-HOO Emma!!! Great job!

Girls Camp preparation for me came in the form of trying to track down everyone and get information and forms from them and trying to arrange rides there. Camp was close to Leamington so quite a trek! Thanks to ALL the leaders there who volunteered their time to these girls to give them a great experience! Unfortunately, while there most of the girls contracted the FLU and shared it with each other! YUCK!! Emma thought she had missed it but the day after we came home she came down with it!

Justin made it out to the back country and had a great time with Richard and Benson and Connor. They had a nice time fishing for their food and keeping the bears out of their tents! I was a bit jealous, I must admit, as some of my favorite times with Justin have been out there. We had a few adventures before the last 2 kids came along, but none since.

June came in ROARING and went out the same way! Hopefully the Summer slows down but something makes me think it is just getting geared up!

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