Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ethan's 5th Birthday!

It is hard to believe that our son Ethan is turning 5 already!  Time sure has flown by!  Ethan wanted a Transformers Birthday party and we had one with the Bumblebee cake and the Optimus Prime pinata!

 Ethan invited a few friends over for some fun party games, food and play.  It's nice to see our son socializing and making nice friends!
 He received some fun presents and for the first time in our guns!

 His Dad bought him his own fishing rod and reel and his first Compound Bow wieghted just for him.  He should be able to grow with it over the next 5 years and then pass it to his sister.

He had a ball and I think the boys who came did too!  What an exciting day!

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