Thursday, October 2, 2008

Welcome to Fall! Where was the summer???

The Summer has flown by! With it has gone my carefree timetable and fun girfriend time! I have been back to work now almost 3 months and am so ready to be done for good! I hardly have time to blog like this anymore without sacrificing something else, ie. sleep, kid time, hubby time, ME time! Hopefully I am starting to come out of the fog of the past 3 months and reemerge more balanced. My kids, husband, and friends are missing me. I will be blogging a bit more this weekend and hopefully adding pictures and earlier blogs of the summer and fun things we did! Please know...if you are my friend...I do still love you!!!


Lisa said...

Why are you going to be done working for good? More babies on the way? Or just working for Salt Properties fulltime?

Adrienne said...

We feel your pain! we do miss you ...remember times and seasons xoxoxo always remember Sister Becks council 'women who know'- I find it helped to write a daily list of what has to be done and what would be nice to do...always remembering there will be bumps in the road ie/ a sick little boy that just wants to cuddle! The sun will come out soon and you will have a great teaching experience to share with others! xoxoxo I LOVE YOU!!!!