Thursday, March 27, 2008

Book Club Night!

What an amazing evening we had! It was book club night and we discussed our book "21 days closer to Christ" It was a great read and full of helps to be better, do better and have a closer relationship to Christ. I enjoyed the discussion. What a great thing to be able to get together to learn, grow together and share ideas. Tasha cam up with a great paper on thing to think and study to have a better church "Sunday" experience. I would like to start that with my family. It would be nice not to have to struggle with one little one or both at the same time and try to focus on meanings of going to church.
Adrienne talked about having a King Benjamin Moment with families pitching tents to listen to conference together like they did back then. What a fun idea. I like to change things up a bit to make the experience more fulfilling!

I am so glad that I moved here to be included in such a great group of friends and families we can get to know! What an inspired decision to come to Ilderton! Horray!

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Adrienne said...

We are GLAD that you were inspired to move into our ward too...Your family is a huge asset and you are an amazing friend xooxoxo