Thursday, February 28, 2008

So Glad He's Home! Our Dear Julie!

Well yesterday was a crazy day! It started out normally...Ethan helped me clean the house and do laundry. I had an appointment to take Julie to and then go to Brunch Bunch in the afternoon followed by taking Emma to Young Women's and then picking Justin and his parents up from the airport. Sounds pretty simple eh? Oh NO! Not this day!

I was in the parking lot of the Dr office and took Julie in her car seat out of the van. She was covered by a blanket and I closed the van door. Her legs did a stretch and her foot got caught in the van door, it closed shut! She screamed and I quickly opened it. My heart and stomach both did flips! What just happened??!!Luckily we were at the Dr's office and I took her right in. She sent us to the Emerg for an X-ray. I was 4 hours there with Ethan too, he was a real trooper! The doctor said that one of the little bones in the foot is fractured but since she isn't walking she doesn't need a cast. Her little tiny toes are purple and blue. However, she isn't acting like it is hurting her much! She has been moving it and crawling with it. Good thing she is so little and won't remember much of it at all! I, on the other hand, will not forget this! Uugh!

Last night went off the rest of the way just fine. Ethan went to Reagan's house and the two of them played and had a blast together! When we got home at 10:30 pm they were still up giggling and not wanting to go to bed! Julie had a pretty restless night but we are greatful it wasn't worse and for good medicine! I will post pictures later. Justin is home now and I am glad to have him home! The wedding was great and he said Luke and Michelle looked very in LOVE!!! Horray for them...I wish we could have been there~! The mountains looked beautiful! Maybe it is a good thing that we stayed here, I might fall in love with Alberta and want to move there!!!


Honeybee said...

Bodies are amazing things. It is so cool how they heal themselves. Ethan is turning to a great little boy!

Adrienne said...

I love your blogs! thank goodness children forget these times....I also had my foot locked in a car door....I don't remember a thing I am glad you didn't fall in love with Alberta either...We would miss you to much...sure love you girl xoxoxo