Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Long Day!

Well, I am retiring for the night...Tired from a long day. Emma had a sleep over last night with 3 friends and it was fun remembering what it was like being 11 again! Ethan had quite the morning trying to poop all by himself on the toilet but didn't tell me he needed to until he had made quite a mess and then came to tell me he needed to go. When I looked at him I didn't notice anything except he was naked from the waist down and then he turned around to go back into the bathroom and SUPRISE! I love being a Mom even when it's gross and messy! Emma is at a friends tonight and Ethan, Julie and I had a good evening. Julie's thrush, which we have been trying to get rid of since she was born, is finally gone...fingers crossed! Well I better get myself to bed! Tomorrow starts too soon! Oh wait it is tomorrow!

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