Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally a Deer!

Justin finally got the opportunity to shoot his first doe of the season this past weekend. It was hanging in our garage for a day, luckily it was below 0 at night. Now with one under his belt he can get the rest without as many nerves! I think Ethan has his Dad's love for hunting and the outdoors. He loves to shoot his bow like Dad and is outside at every opportunity. I took Ethan and Julie for a walk this past week through the woods and the whole time Ethan was wispering "Shh Mom, listen for the deer" and the occasional "Look Mom, do you see it...is it a deer?, No it's just a squirrel(bird)(fill in your own animal)" He loved being out there. I thought he might go wild and talk loudly but he was so quiet, he even told Julie to "Shhh...be very quiet Baby Julie" She made the most noise sucking on her fist and crying! I don't think the deer wanted to stick around to see what we were!

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