Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Winter is Here!

What a cold, wintery day here in Ilderton. It has been hovering around the freezing mark and rain/sleeting and a while ago it was ice pellets coming down. Check out the new pics too. I put one in there os the handful that came down after just a few minutes of it. We have been recovering from Halloween...too much sugar, too little sleep even with the time change and we are going through the teething stage now with Julie who is keeping odd hours( up until 1-2 am) and chewing on everything she can get her hands on! Emma is well. She had a sleepover this past weekend here and we had friends over for dinner last night. Emma is doing well with school and likes to spend time with Ethan after school. Ethan loved Halloween...he says..."go to door, trick or treat, and open my bag, get candy, next one!" He had a lot of fun. There were lots of little kids out in our neighbourhood. I had made bags for 120 kids and half way through opened bags and rationed it out and we only had a few pieces left over. Justin has been home this week...it's gun hunting week. He had high hopes for fishing but the weather is not cooperating! I have been busy with the kids, cooking, and went and had my hair newly done Monday. I will post pics of that too. Still me just a bit different. Well, I have to put dinner in so have a great week!

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